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Event Timing

Racine Timing (the Professional Timing Division of Racine MultiSports) has the latest technology that timing systems offer!

We specialize in timing multisport races (Triathlons and Duathlons) and running races (5K to Ultra Marathons).   Please review the following timing services we can offer you:

  • Wide Range of Events- Multisport, road running, cycling, cross country 
  • Multisport Chip Timing- neoprene straps worn on the ankle
  • Shoe Tags- worn on the runners shoelaces
  • Disposable Bib Tags- attached to the bib....nothing to return 
  • Start Line Timing- captures the runners time as they cross the starting line
  • Extra Wide Timing Mats- allows us to handle any size race
  • Additional Timing Points-  capture timing points along the course
  • Searchable Results- results that are searchable by name or bib #
  • Results Kiosk- on site TV monitors that allow you to see your results instantly!

 Shoe Tag 
(select tag to see how they are worn)

 Multisport Chip (select chip to see how they are worn)

Bib Tag (attach to back of a custom or standard bib)

If you would like us to provide you a quote for timing your event, please email us at and we will contact you to discuss a customized package.


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